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                          Welcome to Authorize User


If you’ve been turned down because you have:
   -No credit
   -Bad credit or
We might be able to put you on a clients’ card as a authorize user. This will help you, by showing institutions you apply to for credit, that you have established credit-that’s in great shape. The card will show up on your credit report.
Will you be able to charge on the card(s)? No. In fact you will never be in possession of them. The client will hold on to your card.
If you have been sued, are being sued, you’re suing a creditor, that we want you to work with; you will not get the card(s).
That being said we will need to know:
   -Which credit card(s) have sued, are suing you,
   -Which credit card(s) you have sued or are suing,
Why do we need the credit card details? So that we don’t waste time with creditors, that have already turned you down.
What will a card cost? $1,000.00 [one thousand dollars] per month, per card. It takes on average two months to get you on a card. The institution might charge a monthly or annual fee also.
What if you’re turned down? That will only happen if you did not disclose that creditor.
Are there refunds? No. Because if you disclosed all of your facts there shouldn’t be a problem.
Please forward:
-The number of cards wanted
-Clear copy of your unexpired State ID/license

-Social Security Number
-Address (no P.O. Boxes)
-City, State, Zip
-Phone, Fax, Email
-If we have to return your documents, a self address stamped envelope[s.a.s.e.] needs to be enclosed otherwise we will destroy them.
Make check or money order payable to MG. Check or Money Order must be from you-no third parties.
Please send everything to: MG services, P. O. Box 178233,Chicago,Illinois 60617


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